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Linwood Barclay

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I attended Thrillerfest in New York City last week and had the pleasure of attending a session presented by Linwood Barclay titled The Hook, Grabbing Your Reader from the Get Go. Listening to him describe how he takes a common story and applies a twist here and a turn there was extremely compelling.

Barclay is truly a master at creating unique challenging circumstances for the everyday guy down the street. His book Never Look Away is no exception. David Harwood is in a tailspin. His wife is missing and he is the prime suspect. It’s always the husband, right? Of course, as husbands always do, he is claiming he’s innocent and can’t understand why the police aren’t out looking for his wife, Jan.

I was hooked on Barclay beginning with his book No Time for Goodbye. I immediately set out to find and read as many Barclay books as I could. As with all of his books, at least the ones that I have read, Never Look Away has many twists and turns ending up down a path you would not have envisioned. When I figured out fairly soon what was going on with Jan, I was a bit bummed. If you figure it out too, never fear! There are enough twists and turns remaining to hook you into being a Linwood Barclay fan. And as in Too Close to Home even the guy who “done” it isn’t always what he seems.

I picked up a copy of his new book, A Tap On The Window at the conference and I can’t wait to read it.  I’ll keep you posted on it.


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