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A Book is a Present You can Open Again and Again. That’s the saying from one of my favorite wall hangings.  It’s hard for anyone to buy a book for me because I have a tendency to buy most every book I want to read. For my birthday my daughter and her family gave me a Barnes and Noble gift card (my favorite gift) and a new book.  A book I had never heard anything about.  Score one for my daughter.  That book was Sly Fox.  I couldn’t put it down.  Double score for my daughter.

Dani Fox is a twenty-five year old assistant  district attorney in Westchester, New York.  It is 1976, Dani is the token woman in the district attorney’s office and women are just beginning to come into their own.  Both Dani and police detective Timothy O’Brien are driven by personal reasons to fight for the rights of battered women who don’t have the strength to fight for themselves.  Dani takes advantage of the political aspirations of her boss, Carlton Whitaker III Westchester County’s District Attorney, and soon leads the newly created Domestic Violence unit for the county.  Her efforts to protect these battered women put Dani’s life in danger more than once.  But she doesn’t let that stop her fight for those too weak to fight for themselves.

Strong characterization, convincing setting and fast pacing make this book a winner.  Books set in the present day represent a solid majority in my library.  Historical novels just don’t seem to hold my attention.  I’m not sure if 1976 qualifies as historical or not, but I remember 1976 and the climate of the day towards women. This book hit home.

I must confess I do not watch Fox News and had not heard of Jeanine Pirro before I read her book.  There was enough information on the jacket of the book though to lead me to Google.  Pirro was the first woman to prosecute a murder case in Westchester and she was the first female elected as district attorney.  In 1978, she also started the first domestic violence unit in a prosecutor’s office. Although this book is fiction, Sly Fox is her story.  Her biography certainly holds the promise of more stories.  I can only hope that Sly Fox is the first of many Dani Fox books to come.

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